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Full-featured audio editing tool with recording and conversion capabilities
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Audio Editor Pro offers you all the functions, filters, and effects that one would expect from a professional audio editing tool. Its waveform graphical interface allows you to perform all the available tasks with a high level of accuracy. Apart from the expected features, the program also offers you an audio recording tool, a simple tag editor, and a batch audio converter.

The program’s interface clearly resembles the new and trendy ribbon-based Microsoft GUIs, with tabs for recording, effects, and tools, among others. The many effects provided are available via this ribbon or by opening a side panel for quicker access. Echo, normalization, speed and pitch change, compressor, EQ filter, are only some of them. They all come with variable parameters that will help you adjust the outcome of the effect to the desired level. The recording tool will save as an audio file any sound coming into your system through your sound card.

The audio file is shown using a convenient waveform graph, which you can zoom in and out for more accurate selections. You can also select a specific section by setting the start and end points manually, with an accuracy level down to the millisecond.

The program offers you three extra tools that open on a new window with a different look and feel – a frequency (or sample rate) changer, a batch audio converter, and an audio file merger. These tools are extremely simple, and they do not seem to belong in this professional tool. The audio conversion utility allows you to convert to WAV, MP3, MP3, WMA, and Ogg the active audio file. No output customization is allowed whatsoever, so that the quality of the resulting files cannot be adjusted. The audio merger will show you the resulting audio file on the waveform interface, thus allowing you to edit it and save it using your favorite codec.

All in all, this tool is a high-end audio editor with some minor flaws, such as the above-mentioned low-level extra tools and the inconsistent interface. Apart from these minor drawbacks, Audio Editor Pro comes with all the features that tell simple audio editors from professional ones.

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  • Offers all the functions and features available in other professional audio editors
  • Clear main interface with a ribbon-based design
  • High level of accuracy
  • Waveform graph for a clearer picture of the audio file


  • Simple extra tools that crash with the overall pro-like functionality
  • Inconsistent interface design
  • Supports a very limited number of audio codecs


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